Lado Skorin - Komarac

manager, producer
e-mail: komarac@3d2d.hr

Camps in dark corners. Curses rarely, but quickly loses temper when TK-d. Likes to sneak up from behind, observe patiently, and make a comment (not necessarily a constructive one).
Knows a lot!


Višnja Skorin - V.V.V.

manager, editor
e-mail: visnja@3d2d.hr

Does not appreciate or understand the concept of sitting behind a computer and playing COD4, which makes it difficult to identify her style of movement and play. Likes to cook, paint, drive in nails, and remove them, handle tools, step-dance when given a chance, directs, edits.


Marijana Vodnik - Maxi

financial director, grey eminence
e-mail: marijana@3d2d.hr

A grey eminence member - data not available. Logically!


Alen Vuković - w0lf

animator, compositing artist
e-mail: alvukovic@gmail.com

Graduate at setting of his decadent (deviant?) student's life. He rides his bike whenever, wherever. He wears a hat. From preventive reasons, he always carries his backpack. He carries it properly on both shoulders, also from preventive reasons. As a role model to every animator he draws everything he sees, no mater are they old ladies in fur coats, colleagues or pink bunnies. You may remember him as a maker of movies "Pink Carrot" or "Pink Carrot 2: Party Time". If you want to know from where comes fascination with pink bunnies, you must to ask him personaly.


Goran Stojnić - g0rki

lead visual & concept artist, animator
e-mail: gstojnic@yahoo.com

Gorki, but not Maksim! Equally deadly with pencil, brush or RPG. He constructs time bombs from hair spray and light bulb. In his spare time he pilots Mi-24 Hind without license, and in his working hours he paints and animates (and sometimes he animates the paintings). On Fridays he drinks rakija.


Ratimir Rakuljić - Ratko

Filmmaker and science enthusiast by day, science fiction aficionado and gamer by night. His favorite toys are cameras, telescopes and microscopes. His name translates from Croatian to "war and peace". Before you ask, yes, he read the relevant novel. Additional perk is that it sounds like a legit name from the Middle-earth.